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JINYO has precision grinder equipment that provides surface finishing with extremely fine tolerances.
Precision grinding of hydraulic cylinder barrels honed tube and chrome rod is a key machining process that uses high-precision grinders to provide fine surface treatments to the inner barrel hydraulic cylinder barrel and chrome piston rods of hydraulic cylinders. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the dimensional accuracy, roundness, cylindricity and surface finish of the inner wall of the cylinder barrel and chrome rod meet the design specifications, thereby ensuring the sealing performance of the cylinder, reducing internal friction, improving dynamic response speed and extending service life.

During the grinding process, tolerances are strictly controlled, and appropriate grinding parameters and cooling and lubrication measures are adopted to prevent thermal deformation and burns of the workpiece, ensuring that the surface quality and overall performance of the processed honing tube and piston rod meet the requirements of the hydraulic system.

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