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Excavator Bucket Pins And Bushings Harden Steel Bushings

Steel Bushing

Excavator Bucket Pins And Bushings Harden Steel Bushings

Material: 42CrMo 45# 40Cr 20CrMo GCr15

Induction Hardness: HRC 53-60

Application: Excavators and Loaders construction machinery

    Product Introduction

    bushing is a sleeve-like mechanical part, usually made of metal, called a steel bushings, whose outer diameter matches the inner diameter of the hole. Bushings reduce friction and wear by being installed in the bore, and fit tightly into the bore to reduce direct contact of the shaft in the bore. Steel bushings also often have grease grooves or holes for lubricant storage to provide better lubrication.

    Steel bushing is a mechanical component made of steel as the main material. It is usually used to withstand high loads, reduce friction and wear, and protect rotating or sliding parts in mechanical equipment. The materials of steel bushings generally include 42CrMo 45# 40Cr 20CrMo GCr15, Induction Hardness HRC 53-60. Hard steel bushings due to its material characteristics, hard steel bushings have high strength and hardness and can adapt to harsh working environments and heavy load conditions.

    Bushings are widely used in various industrial applications such as in excavators, cranes, bearing housings and other equipment. Excavator bucket bushings are important components in excavators used to reduce friction, protect mechanical components and improve work efficiency. Excavator bucket bushings are installed on the joints and connecting parts of the excavator, such as turntable bearings, bucket rods and booms and other key parts, to ensure the smooth operation and extended service life of these parts.

    In addition, steel bushings can further improve their performance through processes such as heat treatment to meet specific engineering needs. Our steel sleeves are manufactured using advanced production technology and premium materials to ensure consistent quality and performance. Whether it's an excavator, loader or other heavy machinery, our steel bushings are designed to meet the highest standards of durability and reliability.


    Product parameters

    Product Name: Steel Bushings
    Material: 42CrMo 45#40Cr 20CrMo GCr15
    Type: sleeve
    Hardness: HRC 53-60
    Max Load: 58-62N/mm²
    Max Linear Velocity: 0.1m/s
    Max PV value: 1.5N/mm².m/s
    Operating temperature
    Feature: Wear Resistance
    Application: excavators and loaders construction
    Customization: Product size can be customized according to
    customer requirements
    Custom Bushing Size
    Inner diameter range: 25mm-250mm
    Outer diameter range: 35mm-350mm
    Height range: 10mm-400mm
    Outer diameter range: 45mm-300mm
    Inner diameter accuracy: 0.02mm
    Outer diameter accuracy: 0.005mm
    High Precision: +-0.02mm
    Concentricity: 0.02mm
    Parallelism: 0.02mm
    Verticality: 0.03mm
    Circularity: 0.005mm
    Roughness: 0.6
    hardness: 58-62

    Product Features

    There are many types of bushings, and they can be classified according to different criteria, such as material, application, etc. Here are some common types of steel bushings:

    Metal Bushings: Can be made from various metals or alloys such as steel or stainless steel, brass to enhance their performance.

    Sleeve and Flange Bushings: Sleeve bushings are basic cylindrical components while flange bushings are designed with flanges to handle the combined loads.

    Bronze Bushings: Bronze bushings are general-purpose bushings with excellent load-carrying and wear protection capabilities.

    Self-lubricating bushings: Self-lubricating through a uniform indentation pattern on the bushing surface (acting as a grease reservoir), ideal for low- or maintenance-free operation. Such as blind hole/oil storage bushing, mesh bushing.

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