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Customized Excavator Bucket Pin And Bushing Bucket Pin Shaft

Bucket Pins/Shaft

Customized Excavator Bucket Pin And Bushing Bucket Pin Shaft

bucket pins is a simple mechanical quick-release connection, usually a metal rod-like object, used to hold two or more mechanical components together while allowing them to rotate relative to each other along an axis. 

    Product Introduction

    Bucket pins shaft are very common in mechanical design. They can be smooth and cylindrical, or they can be threaded or specially shaped to meet different connection and positioning needs. The material and size of the pin shaft are selected based on the load it will carry and the operating environment to ensure adequate strength and durability. Excavator pins and bushings are a pair of matching mechanical components. They are usually used for cooperation between shafts and sleeves to reduce friction and wear and improve the working efficiency and life of the mechanical system.

    Excavator Bucket pins are metal rod-shaped parts used in excavators to connect and position key mechanical components. Excavator Bucket pins are usually made of high-strength steel or other wear-resistant materials. They play a vital role in the boom, stick, bucket and other key parts of the excavator, ensuring the flexibility and stability of the machinery while reducing wear and extending the service life of the equipment. Excavator Bucket pins are designed and manufactured to strict engineering standards to withstand the extreme working conditions they encounter during digging, loading and moving.

    Pins shaft are widely used in various machinery and structural systems, such as automobiles, cranes, excavators, machine tools, and building structures, where they play a key fixing and positioning role. The Bucket pin shaft has a simple design but important functions. It is a key component to ensure the normal operation and extend the service life of mechanical equipment.


    Product parameters


    Product Name: Bucket Pin/Shaft
    Material: 45#carbon steel 40Cr alloy steel 42CrMo
    Surface Treatment: quenching and tempering + high frequency
    Hardness HRC 55-60
    Hardness 52-60HRC
    Application: Excavator Loader
    Features Wear Resistance
    Customization: Product size can be customized according to
    customer requirements

    Product Features

    Simple structure: The bucket pins usually consists of a straight metal rod, which has a simple structure and is easy to design and manufacture.

    Strong load-bearing capacity: The bucket pins shaft can withstand large loads, including tension, pressure and torque, and is suitable for various heavy machinery.

    Lubricant performance: The surface treatment of the bucket pins shaft (such as plating, coating) can improve its lubrication performance during movement and reduce wear.

    Customizability: The size, material and surface treatment of the bucket pins shaft can be customized according to application requirements.

    Easy to install and remove: The design of the bucket pins shaft is usually easy to install and remove, making it easy to maintain and replace.

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