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Honed Tube Factory | Chrome Plated ROD  Factory

Our honed tube factory and chrome plated bar factory were built under modern management. We have complete sets of manufacturing machines and inspection facilities.

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Customised Honed Tube & Hydraulic Cylinder Barrel

Precision manufacturing and excellent quality
JINYO focuses on the customized production of hydraulic cylinder barrels and honed tubes, committed to providing customers with high-precision, high-reliability core components of hydraulic systems. Our professional team uses advanced CNC honing technology to ensure that the inner wall of each honed tube is smooth. Our customized services cover every aspect from honed tube design, manufacturing to post-processing, we can provide personalized solutions according to customers' specific requirements for hydraulic cylinder tube.
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well-established infrastructure & technical team
Precision manufacturing and excellent quality

Honed tubes and chrome rods are both important components of the hydraulic system. We can not only provide customized honed tubes, but also provide customized chrome rod services. JINYO has complete chrome rod production facilities and an experienced engineer team. They are proficient in precision machining and surface treatment technology. The piston rod undergoes material selection, turning, milling, drilling, surface quenching and tempering...

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JINYO Product Showcase

Precision manufacturing and excellent quality
With a well-established infrastructure and technical team, Jinyo is good stead to understand and customize customers' needs for honed tubes and chrome rod. Whether it is honed tubes and chrome rods in standard or special sizes, we can provide a solutions.

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About us

JINYO INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTS INC is located in Wuxi, JiangSu Province, China. JINYO is a manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Its business covers the fields of hydraulic transmission, precision steel pipes and engineering machinery accessories. The company uses advanced honing and grinding machine technology, has unique production and processing capabilities for customized hydraulic cylinder tube,honed tubes and chrome plated rod piston rod products, and is committed to providing the highest standards of quality and the best service worldwide.
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JINYO Industrial serves the global needs for hydraulic cylinder tubes, honed tubes, chrome rods, piston rods, linear shaft and precision steel tubes.

Company advantage

JINYO have own factory and warehouse, which can provide honed tubes and chrome rods of various sizes and specifications in stock to shorten delivery time. In addition, honed tubes and chrome plated rods can also be customized through drawings or samples provided by customers.
Factory strength
Professional mechanical processing equipment CNC lathes, boring machines, honing machines, and calibrating machines to produce honed tubes, chrome rods, piston rods, linear shafts, and precision steel tube products.
Customized services
We are able to offer services, including honing, chroming, boring, deep hole drilling, precision grinding, general engineering and machining,or other customized services.

Quality Testing
Testing Abilities include: honed tubes Inner diameter tolerance inspection, Roughness detection,chrome rod Hardness testing,Chrome plating thickness detection.