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The honing process of honed pipes is a precision inner hole processing technology, which is mainly used to improve the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the inner holes of honed tubes. The process usually begins with a thorough cleaning of the bore of the honed pipe to remove oil and rust. Subsequently, the honed tubes material is fixed on the honing machine, and the honing head is equipped with special oil stones. 

Driven by the honing head, these oil stones rotate and reciprocate linearly on the inner hole of the honing tube, and press against the hole wall through uniform external expansion force, thus honed tubes The inner or outer surfaces of round tubes are finished so that they have precise geometric concentricity and parallelism over the entire length of the honed tubes. After the honing is completed, the honed tube is subject to strict quality inspection, including the measurement of the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the honed tube to ensure that the inner hole of the honed tube meets the design specifications and ensures the best tolerance of the hydraulic cylinder honed tube.
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