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St52 Honed Pipe Srb Tube Hydraulic Cylinder Honed Tube Manufacturer

Honed Tube

St52 Honed Pipe Srb Tube Hydraulic Cylinder Honed Tube Manufacturer

Honed tube also known as hydraulic cylinder tube or SRB tube, is an important component in hydraulic systems. JINYO as a leading manufacturer and supplier of honed tubes, utilizes professional knowledge to produce various sizes and specifications of honed tubes, meeting the diverse needs of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications.

    Product Introduction

    Honed tube adopts advanced technologies such as cold drawing and turning to ensure excellent dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness. Cold drawn tube is a type of pipe made through the cold drawing process, which has high dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness. The cold drawn seamless pre honed tube is further pre honed on the basis of the cold drawing process to meet high-precision requirements.

    Burnished honed tube for cylinder and Polished inside honed tube further improve the smoothness of the inner wall through polishing and polishing processes, which is crucial for applications that require extremely low friction coefficients.

    Skived rolled honed tube and Skived rolled polished honed tube, also known as SRB tube, achieve high-precision inner wall surface treatment through scraping and rolling processes to achieve extremely high inner wall smoothness.


    Product Description

    Stainless steel honed tubes for hydraulic cylinders are key components of hydraulic systems, as their inner wall smoothness directly affects the performance of hydraulic cylinders. Honed stainless steel pipes have excellent corrosion resistance and cleanliness, and are commonly used in food processing, medical equipment, and high-pressure hydraulic systems.

    H8 honed tube and honed bore tube refer to honed tubes with H8 dimensional tolerances, which ensure high precision and consistency of the pipe material.

    The chrome plated honed tube adds a layer of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant surface through the chrome plating process, which allows the pipe to maintain performance even in harsh environments.

    JINYO adheres to strict quality control measures to ensure that every product honed pipe meets precise specifications and performance standards. Whether you need grinding cylinder tubes, H8 honed tubes, SRB tubes, ready to honed tubes or polished honed tubes, we have professional knowledge and capabilities to provide the products you need for your application. In addition to our standard honing tubes, we also offer customized honed tubes to meet specific customer requirements.


    Product parameters

    Standard DIN2391,EN10305,JIS G3445,ASTM A519,GB/T 8713.…
    Material ST45,ST52,E355,E355SR,STKM13C,SAE1026,20#,Q235B,CK45…
    Heat treatment BK+S
    Specification Outer diameter(mm) nner diameter(mm)
    40-400mm 30-320
    1D Tolerance H8-H9
    Length 3-9m(Customers usually choose the 4~5.8m
    Straightness 1/1000
    ID roughness RA 0.4micron(max
    Scope Honed tube for hydraulic cylinder,swivel crane,injection machine and
    construction machine application

    Product Features

    Manufacturer: JINYO is a manufacturer with advanced honing pipe equipment and quality inspection tools.

    Stock: JINYO has a warehouse with spot inventory, and can arrange delivery in a short time to ensure delivery time.

    Services: Company has a customer service department. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

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